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About Us

Lil' Kickers Greater Sacramento is locally owned and operated.  Kristine Spencer and her children Nadia and Logan brought the Lil' Kickers program to Sacramento in April 2021!  Kristine has coached soccer and volleyball in the Sacramento area over the past 15 years.  Nadia is a junior in college while Logan is a junior in high school.  They help out on the weekends when we are the busiest. We started in Natomas and expanded to Roseville.  In 2023 we will be opening two locations in the Spring in West Sacramento and Rancho Cordova!  

Lil' Kickers is designed as a child development soccer class for kids ages 18 month-12 years.  In 2022, we have implemented a neruo- adaptive class for older children and teens to help with gross motor skills to help with their overall development!  We are really excited to be able to help those age groups that tend to get left out, but want to be active.  We work closely with the parents to accommodate their child by understanding the needs of the child an working to adapt the class to help the children.   Call us today for more information.

We look forward to serving you and your families!

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