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Lil' Kickers FAQ

Our mission is  to inspire!

How much does Lil' Kickers classes cost? Lil' Kickers classes are $16/class. We offer 12-13 classes per session. There is a $25 yearly registration fee that includes a uniform. You get 1 uniform per year. If your child outgrows the uniform, you can purchase a uniform for $25.

How much does Skill Institute classes cost? Lil' Kickers classes are $18/class. This includes an Skills Insitute App with weekly homework. We offer 12-13 classes per session. There is a $25 yearly registration fee that includes a uniform. You get 1 uniform per year. If your child outgrows the uniform, you can purchase a uniform for $25.

Can I join a class in the middle of a session? Yes! We offer open enrollment, so that you can join anytime and have your class fees prorated. This means that you pay only for the remaining class and not the full session fee.

What should my kids wear? Participants should wear comfortable clothes and plain tennis shoes or cleats. Shinguards are encouraged for Micro Classes and Skills Institute classes. Lil’ Kicker jerseys are provided with the purchase of the required annual membership fee ($25). Outfitting your child in Lil’ Kickers garb is a fun way to make your child feel part of a team. Kids naturally appreciate looking like older uniformed kids and role models. Plus a uniform gives kids a sense of belonging because they look like others on the team.

How many girls and boys are in each class? Classes are co-ed, so the mix of boys and girls is based on who registers. If you have five or more players and we have enough field space, we are open to creating a special class for you with your requested mix of children

What is the difference between a Hoppers and a Jackrabbits class? Our Jackrabbits and Hoppers courses are two options for the same age bracket. Hoppers is a beginners level course whereas Jackrabbits is intermediate. Both courses contain creative games meant to further develop the child’s gross motor skills and start developing their finer motor skills. Jackrabbits, however, is run at a faster pace, introduces kids to more soccer techniques and skills, and starts bringing in game situations via small-sided scrimmages.

What should I bring? Lil' Kickers Sacramento Valley is an outdoor only program. Bring lots of water, sunscreen and chairs or blankets to make the best of every Lil' Kickers class

If I register my child for a session, are we guaranteed a spot in the next session? No, all registrations are first come, first serve basis.

What kind of instructors do you have? Are they all licensed by some organization? All Lil’ Kickers Coaches are carefully screened to ensure we provide quality, child-centered, high energy instruction. Each Coach goes through rigorous training process, which includes on-field and curriculum training.

Can I sign up online? Yes, you can sign up online day or night by clicking on Register Today at the top of the page. You must create a Olympus Sports Coliseum Daysmart Recreation Account. If you have an account, you just need to login to your account and then register for a class.

What if I can't make it to one of my classes? You are allowed to make up 3 classes maximum within the session in which you are enrolled, subject to space availability. We typically offer many other class times, so usually this is not a problem; however we cannot guarantee that space will be available. Please note that you cannot carryover make-up classes into later sessions.

Can I drop my child off for class? No, classes are 50 minutes and require a parent or guardian to be on-site.

Can I register my child for just one class? No, but we do offer one free trial class to new customers to see if your child enjoys the Lil’ Kickers experience.

Do I have to pay for the free trial class if I sign up? No, the free trial class is discounted from the class fee paid when you sign up.

What is your policy for allowing children with special needs into your programs? Children with special needs are welcomed in our program as long as we are equipped to assist them accordingly. Please contact your our Lil’ Kickers Coordinator for more information.

Can we pay as we go during the session? The entire session must be paid in full at the time of registration. However, since we offer open enrollment, we do prorate class fees when joining after the season has started. We do offer payment plans upon request. Please speak to the Lil' Kickers Coordinator for more information.

How many free trials can a child take? The free trial policy is usually limited to one free class per child. However, in special circumstances a Lil’ Kickers Coordinator may offer an additional free class to a child, particularly if it’s been a long time since the last free trial class.

Can I sign up for multiple days a week? Yes, though you will need to register and pay for the additional class sessions separately. We offer a $15 discount for adding on a additional days.

Can we come on any day? No, in order to maintain class ratios and consistency within the program, we schedule children for specific times and days. When registering, be sure to first determine which day best suits your schedule. Of course there may be an occasion when a make-up class is needed. In that situation, you can schedule a make-up class for any day in which class space is available. If your schedule changes during the session, and you need to switch days, we will try to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. However, changes cannot be guaranteed and are based on space availability.

How do I register for a class? Creating a New Account and Signing up for Lil’ Kickers 1. Go to and on the top right click on Create Olympus Account. 2. Click on Create Account at bottom 3. Enter email address 4. Enter parents information 5. Sign the waiver 6. Add your child 7. Sign your child’s waiver 8. Click on Registration next to your child’s name 9. Click on Lil’ Kickers 10. On the left hand search, click on the current session Spring 2022) 11. Scroll down to find a class or in the search type the name of the class (It will only show classes that are within your child’s birth date range so you will not see classes that are for ⅞ year olds if your child is a 4 year old. 12. You can also do more narrowed down searches by clicking on day of the week, season and level. 13. When you find the class, click on register (if the class says waitlist, then that class is full and you will need to find a different time that we offer the class) 14. You will need to identify if your child has allergies so that our staff knows in advance. 14. Click on Continue 15. Add the Lil’ Kicker registration fee (includes a uniform) 16. Click on register again to add another child. Through the same process as 6-15. 17. Click on Checkout Inter credit card information and click on process payment. Already have an account: 1. Download the Dash App Google Play IOS 2. Login to your account 3. Click on Register 4. Search for the class you are looking for and choose the correct person for the class.

North Natomas Community Park (Foot Park)
1867 Cagney Way Sacramento, CA 

Tuesday/Thursdays 9:00 am-11:30 am, 3:30 pm-7:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am-12:00 pm

Roseville - Walter & Doris Rickey Park

1475 Parkside Way Roseville, CA

Wednesdays 9:00 am-11:30 am

Saturday/Sunday 2:30 pm-5:00 pm

COMING SOON! Sunday Mornings 8:30 am-12:00 pm (Starting July 24, 2022)

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